Motorcycles And Me: What To Do When Catastrophe Strikes

Motorcycle accident on the road

The X-Games is an annual extreme sports events that feature a lot of breathtaking events such as vert skateboarding, BMX big air, and Moto X. Athletes of both genders from all over the world compete in the event to prove to the world who has the best tricks.

Moto X features motorbike riders that do incredible stunts. These stunts captivate countless numbers of people. Some argue that Moto X big air is the main event of the whole X-Games. Riders perform a lot of unimaginable bike tricks such as backflips, frontflips, and believe it or not, a 360 degree turn on a motorcycle.

These stunts are risky and should not be tried anywhere by anyone who doesn’t have any proper training. A lot of people have suffered numerous injuries because of trying a professional stunt. For example, Mike Metzger was the first to land a backflip on a motorcycle. Before even landing one, he suffered injuries to his back and neck in perfecting the trick.

For a lot of people though, a motorbike isn’t just for show. It’s a way of life. It’s a tool for them to get from point a to point b. People who are new to the world of riding are often prone to motorbike driving mistakes. They tend to get out, “take the bull by the horns” and ignore basic instruction. Unfortunately, people often suffer minor and severe injuries because of this.

Here are some things to do when a person crashes while riding their bike.

  • Do not immediately move an injured rider from their spot. They could have spinal injuries, and further disturbance might add to their injury.
  • If the proper assessments are underway and a rider can be moved safely, move them to a more secure area, away from the traffic.
  • Remove their helmet carefully so that ventilation won’t be a problem.
  • Loosen any tight garments such as shin guards, shoulder pads, or even underwear so as not to constrict blood circulation.
  • Apply pressure to a wound that is profusely bleeding to prevent shock from setting in.
  • Call emergency services immediately.


Seeing wild motorbike stunts like those in the X-Games often make people want to ride bikes. Injuries however often happen to inexperienced riders who immediately take the wheel. This fact should always be a warning for those who foolishly attempt such difficult tricks. For most people, riding bikes isn’t always about glamor and stunts. It’s a way of life. Sometimes in life, accidents can happen. If one knows how to act accordingly during an accident, then injuries can be limited and be far from life-threatening.